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Tangential belt United States manufacturers, rubber transmission belts Italy producers, leather nylon flat transmission belt Canada Indonesia suppliers.

HIC India Tangential Rubber Nylon Leather Flat Belt Manufacturers: Made In Italy Canada USA Japan Transmission Belting Quality Replacement

USA Canada Indonesia leather nylon transmission belt T LF LL 31oz rubber series suppliers trust HIC manufacturers quality replacement to tangential belt Japan manufacturers, rubber cover transmission belts Italy producer, flat belting India exporters in Slovenia South Africa: tangential belting, rubber nylon transmission belt, flat transmission belting, transmission rubber belting India, folder-gluer belt, gang saw belts, paper cross cutter belt, wood conveyor belt, leather nylon belting, EP transmission belts, T series tangential flat belt, LF series nylon transmission belting, LL series leather flat belting, 31oz transmission belting, Italy or Canada or Germany produced equal performance replacement industrial belts importers of Hannover Germany, Jakarta Indonesia, Brasilia, Japan, South Africa, France, New Zealand, Ecuador, buy power transmission belts from India exporter, HIC International Co Inc, an Indian company.

Unparalleled HIC Universal Textile Spindle Paper Machine Drive Belts Exported to Indonesia, Brasil, S.Africa, France, NZ, Ecuador

  • Tangential belt hic T series rubber nylon power transmission belts most ideal up to < 50,000 rpm speed drives manufactured up to 300mm maximum width and till 50 meters roll length, green color belt side kept on spindles, belting yellow color on pulley side, interchangeable with tangential flat belting made in Brazil or South Africa or Canada or Italy of other producers, for use in textile machinery tangential belt, box folding machine folder-gluer belt, paper cross cutter tangential belt, vertical packing machine tangential belt drive, wood processing machine conveyor belt and other power transmission application.
  • Leather Nylon belting hic LL series flat leather transmission belts most ideal for transmission of power on both sides manufactured up to 700mm maximum width and till 50 meters roll length plus up to 8mm thickness, nylon sandwich belting with leather on both sides that works in the presence of dust, oil and water and suitable for the crossed working, appropriate substitute to tangential flat belts made in Indonesia or Canada or New Zealand or Italy of other producers, for use in saw mill flat belt drives application.
  • Leather Nylon belting hic LF series flat power transmission belts most ideal for transmission of power on one side only manufactured up to 300mm maximum width and till 50 meters roll length plus up to 5.5mm thickness, red or other color nylon textile fabric on face or top and belting chrome leather on pulley side, equal performance substitute to power transmission belts of Germany or USA or Italy or Canada, for use in polishing machine drive belt, stone processing gang saw belt electrical drives application.
  • Rubber Transmission belting hic 31 oz- 34 oz- EP ply flat cut edge power transmission belting manufactured up to 1050mm maximum width and till 120 meters roll length plus 3 ply to 10 ply, equal performance substitute to power transmission belts of Italy or France or India or USA, for use in wheat flour mill flat belt, rice milling machine belt power transmission application.

High Efficiency Marble Gang saw Flywheel Belt and Packing Conveyor Belts, No Discrepancy !

Exporters of HIC make UNIVERSAL brand tangential belt, rubber transmission belts, leather nylon transmission belt, rubber nylon transmission belt, flat transmission belting, power transmission belts series superseding relevant IS, BS, DIN, ISO quality standards gang saw flywheel belts, packing conveyor belts produced in ultra-modern factory at New Delhi and UP-Ghaziabad ISO 9001 certified factories of India.

  • Gang saw belt supplied by HIC in North Carolina USA, Newfoundland Canada, Verona Italy, Jakarta Indonesia, Milan Italy, Auckland New Zealand, Florence Italy, Thrissur Kerala India, Madurai Tamil Nadu India, Udaipur Rajasthan India, Vadodara Gujarat India.
  • Paper cross cutter belts supplied by HIC-Universal in Milton Ontario Canada, Rome Italy, New Jersey USA, Surabaya Indonesia, Heerhugowaard Netherlands, British Columbia Canada, Dusseldorf Germany, Naples Italy, Rayagada Odisha India, Hyderabad Andhra India, Nepanagar Madhya Pradesh India.
  • Wood conveyor belting supplied by HIC-Universal in Sao Paulo Brasil, Turin Italy, Ontario Canada, Oregon USA, Bandung Indonesia, Cape Town South Africa, Manitoba Canada, Bologna Italy, Canacona Goa, Ludhiana Punjab India, Coimbatore Tamil Nadu India, Nagpur Maharashtra India.
  • Packing machine belt supplied by HIC-Universal in Milan Italy, Auckland New Zealand, Paris France, Manitoba Canada, Arizona USA, Quito Ecuador, Alberta Canada, Shillong Meghalaya India, Simla Himachal India, Rishikesh Uttarakhand India, Chandigarh India, Srinagar Jammu and Kashmir.
  • Folder-gluer belt supplied by HIC-Universal in Torino Italy, Georgia USA, Quebec Canada, Staad Switzerland, Tokyo Japan, Rome Italy, Alberta Canada, Jalandhar Punjab India, Guwahati Assam India, Chandrapur Maharashtra India, Noida Uttar Pradesh India.

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HIC India tangenziali gomma nylon pelle piatta Produttori Belt: Made In Italia Canada USA Trasmissione Belting ricambio di qualità

HIC fabbricati universale in nylon piatto cinture, marmo-tessile-Twister cinghie piatte sostituito da Italia da industrie di Johannesburg, a Città del Capo, Durban, Sud-Africa, Roma-Italia, Boston-America, in India.

Tangential Belting-T

Eccellenti HIC universale tessili alloggiamento carta in macchina Cinghie Esportatori

  1. Stretch-meno di nylon hic tangenziale cinture di AT per l'alta velocità tessili motori, twisters, cardatura.
  2. Tessuto nylon-piatto cinture in pelle per marmo-cava di granito-polisher macchine da carta, carta-mulino cartella taglierina.
  3. Nylon tessuto gommato cinture di FF-F per compressori d'aria, workshop tornio motori.
Nylon Sandwich Belt-LF

Massime prestazioni Marmo Gang ha visto Volano Belt e imballaggio nastri trasportatori, nessun guasto!

HIC universale gomma cinture di marca di qualità sono fabbricati con continue attività di ricerca e sviluppo, prodotti in ultra-moderno stabilimento situato in India con classe moderni macchinari e il collaudo delle attrezzature dedicate presidiata da operai qualificati vigore sostituisce pertinenti BS, DIN, ISO standard di qualità.

Gangsaw Drive-Belt Transmission Belt-Cotton Fabric

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